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I hope that you adore all of your products as they are handmade with love. Please be aware that there may be slight variations in color/glitter due to the polishes being hand-blended, mixed to order, and/or caused by lighting in photos/computer monitor settings. Each and every product has been personally made and checked by me to guarantee top quality, so there are no refunds or exchanges. Before shipping, I wrap each product securely in bubble wrap so I don't expect this to occur, but if your bottle somehow breaks during transit, please email me at HLW117@comcast.net within 24 hours of delivery and include photos of the damaged polish/packaging. Its obviously not fair to lose a polish due to the package not being "handled with care" so I will replace  polish broken during shipping, as long as you follow the procedure stated above. Please feel free to contact me regarding any other issues.

HELPFUL HINTS: Indie polishes are quite different from mainstream polishes. Here are also some helpful hints that apply to indie polishes. First, you should always let your bottles of polish reach room temperature before opening them (especially in extreme hot/cold weather months).  Next, I recommend always using a quality basecoat before applying polishes.  ***DUE TO THE HIGH PIGMENTATION OF SOME POLISH COLORS, NAIL STAINING MAY OCCUR*** This is why using a quality basecoat is so important.  Also, you may find it helpful to set your bottle of polish upside down for about 10 minutes before use, then roll it around in your hands.  ***SOME OF THE HEAVIER GLITTERS MAY SETTLE TO THE BOTTTOM OF THE BOTTLE*** This is why the upside-down trick is helpful...it will reduce the amount of fishing for glitters, especially the heavy glitters. A quality topcoat is also recommended to help deter wear to your polish and smooth out large glitters.  Finally, please feel free to offer feedback to me.  As an indie maker, I love to hear what my customers love, don't like, would like more/less of!! You can contact me through the shop, on Facebook or Instagram, or email me at HLW117@comcast.net so please don't hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. Much love!